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“…What advance care planning isn't - it isn't just saying no; it’s actually saying yes to who you are and to what you value.” Dr Peter Saul.

It isn't always easy to talk about what’s important to you. No one knows what life holds in store, so it’s a good idea for you and your family to talk about what’s important to you as individuals, and as families.

Understanding a person’s beliefs and values helps you to respect their wishes if they can’t speak for themselves at the end of their life. This helps to reduce the burden of decision making for your family.

Knowing what to talk about can be hard. It’s a good idea to start off with talking about what matters most to you – your personal values and beliefs. We often don’t talk much with others about these things. Values and beliefs play a major role in our decision making. When your family and loved ones understand your values and beliefs, they are much more likely to respect your care choices.

The following links might help you to start thinking about your personal values and give you some ideas on how to start talking with your family.

In this video, families discusses why advance care planning is important to them:

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