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Who Will Make Decisions for Me?

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“…a plan to make the most out of your life.” Dr Peter Saul

In NSW, people generally need to agree to receive medical treatment. To be able to consent to treatment, you must:

If you can’t make your own decisions, your doctor will need to speak to your substitute decision maker.

In NSW, the legal term for a medical substitute decision maker is “person responsible”. A special legal order (hierarchy) is used to identify who your person responsible is.

Sometimes the person who your doctor is legally required to speak to (from the legal hierarchy) might not be who you would choose to make decisions on your behalf.

You can choose who you want to make medical decisions for you. You need to do this while you are still able to make decisions for yourself. This is called appointing an enduring guardian.

Use this worksheet to identify who your person responsible is (from the legal hierarchy).

Use this worksheet to identify who would be a good substitute decision maker for you.

In this video, Dr Peter Saul shares some final thoughts on discussing advance care planning:

View the full version of this video at NSW Planning Ahead.

Further information on advance care planning is available from:

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