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Patient Information

Help With Filling in Forms

Local Land Services Offices

For those having trouble accessing online NSW Rural Assistance Authority forms (e.g., the drought transport subsidy), access to the online forms is available at Local Land Services offices. Local Land Services staff can help with accessing and submiting the form online, but will not be able to fill in the form or provide the required information.

Phone ahead to ensure a staff member will be present for assistance via 1300‑795‑299.

Neighbourhood Centres

May provide support with referral to services and access to brokerage and emergency welfare funding.

To find a neighbourhood centre, visit Local Community Services Association – Find a Centre.

Local Government – Council Drought Hubs

Some councils have local drought hubs for their community. Libraries and visitor information centres may be available for people to come in for a cup of a tea and a chat to find out what assistance is available, and to use computers or connect to the internet to register for help.

For more information, contact the local council.

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