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Useful Links and Information

DroughtHub NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

A one-stop online destination for information on a vast range of services and support available to primary producers, their families and communities to prepare for and manage drought conditions.

Visit the website.

For assistance with accessing the site, contact the local DPI office.

Animal welfare

For information and assistance, see NSW Department of Primary Industries – Animal Welfare During Drought.

Combined Drought Indicator (CDI)

This interactive map tool provides more detailed seasonal conditions information than ever before. This data will be used to inform policy and government responses to changing seasonal conditions, including drought.

Vist the website.

National Farmers Federation (NFF)

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia.

Vist the website.

NSW Department of Primary Industries

DPI has a number of Primefact information sheets available specifically developed for primary producers preparing for and experiencing dry seasons and drought conditions.

Vist the website.

Neighbourhood Centres

May provide support with referral to services and access to brokerage and emergency welfare funding.

To find a neighbourhood centre, visit Local Community Services Association – Find a Centre.

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